Sunday, 30 March 2014

I made my hamster a crochet hat

Things for Future Reference

Who doesn't love a huge collection of wonderful references? These are things I want to try in the near future- I thought I'd share the DIY fever with you!

Homemade Apple Jam

I found this recipe online and got so EXCITED! There's always an overflow of apples in any South African household (especially mine- being a student, apples are the affordable option!) and this recipe has so few ingredients and is so simple that I might as well give it a shot. The only thing I'll change is to add a little bit of cinnamon OMNOMNOM
Apple Jam

Handmade Stuff

Featuring everything from creative gift wrap ideas to making cute bracelets- this is the best place to go looking!
Handmade Gifts
Sunday Best Wrap It
More Handmade Gifts!

Citrus-Vinegar Household Cleaner 

Make a Homemade Household Cleaner Step 5.jpgWhat a wonderful way of saving money- and not harming the environment! All with the part of the fruit you don't eat. I'm really happy that I found this idea because I have a little hamster and I'm very scared that the products I use affect his little body!

Citrus and Vinegar Household Cleaner

How to Clean a Disgusting Stove

I've been struggling to clean my stove for a while now- and I'm so glad to have found this! There's nothing more disgusting than cooked-on gunk that just WON'T come off.
How to Clean Cooked-on Gunk off of a Stove

Crochet Patterns

I've recently fallen in love with CROCHET! And this website is amazing- enjoy!

Crochet Patterns

Pretty Boxes

There's nothing quite as awesome as colourful boxes :D I've been becoming quite a pain in the butt around the flat- my poor fiance has to step over all of my ribbons and pins and beads etc.... So when we were sent a nice yummy box of chocolate eggs and stuff (My fiance's mom sends us these every now and then- the best surprise ever!) I thought I'd put the box to good use! (The food didn't last very long) This isn't amazingly made, but it was so much fun that I don't really care! I used Modge Podge as glue and as a coating. In the future I may use normal Pritt glue to stick down the paper and only then do a coat with Modge Podge as the paper is a bit crumply (as you can see).

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The best places to learn to: CROCHET

So I have recently (finally) started learning to crochet. Not being a very logical person, I found it incredibly difficult and spent quite a lot of time trying to find a place that'd teach me properly! These are the sites I went through. Please add your own through comments, I'm still learning and am very interested in seeing what you have to say :)

"2 Good 2 Lose" learn to crochet tutorial
This one is helpful in the way that it has images that show you step by step, however I can't help but feel like there's something missing, as I found it very easy to get lost!

I find to usually be the most useful place on the internet to learn things. With step by step tutorials and accompanying pictures (or videos if you have a better attention span than I do) everything is clear and concise. Give it a try!
No, that's not the real name of the website! It's actually vogue knitting. What an amazing site! With a seemingly endless resource of tips to get you started, it really is the easiest way to learn to crochet. So try it out and let me know what you think!


This website will move in a matter of hours! See you soon at:

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rainy Stellies

Okay guys, so this is where my website will be for a few days! It'll soon be redirecting to my own domain: ; but for now I'll just have to use this as a blog.

I woke up this morning and had a good moan about the weather- I looked outside and it was deliciously rainy in typical Stellies fashion! But then I thought.... this is an opportunity to start a new craft project :P So today I'm going to head off and buy myself some cheap gum boots (because god knows I'll need them O.o) and then I'm going to paint them (probably with normal acrylics for the sake of colour variation) and then seal them from the rain with Modge Podge.

So I'll keep you posted with just how it goes, but I'm sure they'll work out fine. I'm going to do some pac man ones for my dude as well, while I'm at it! :D

Friday, 21 March 2014

First Post

Hi there! You've stumbled upon a very unfinished website! It's very much in the making, so check out my Facebook page at!