Sunday, 30 March 2014

Things for Future Reference

Who doesn't love a huge collection of wonderful references? These are things I want to try in the near future- I thought I'd share the DIY fever with you!

Homemade Apple Jam

I found this recipe online and got so EXCITED! There's always an overflow of apples in any South African household (especially mine- being a student, apples are the affordable option!) and this recipe has so few ingredients and is so simple that I might as well give it a shot. The only thing I'll change is to add a little bit of cinnamon OMNOMNOM
Apple Jam

Handmade Stuff

Featuring everything from creative gift wrap ideas to making cute bracelets- this is the best place to go looking!
Handmade Gifts
Sunday Best Wrap It
More Handmade Gifts!

Citrus-Vinegar Household Cleaner 

Make a Homemade Household Cleaner Step 5.jpgWhat a wonderful way of saving money- and not harming the environment! All with the part of the fruit you don't eat. I'm really happy that I found this idea because I have a little hamster and I'm very scared that the products I use affect his little body!

Citrus and Vinegar Household Cleaner

How to Clean a Disgusting Stove

I've been struggling to clean my stove for a while now- and I'm so glad to have found this! There's nothing more disgusting than cooked-on gunk that just WON'T come off.
How to Clean Cooked-on Gunk off of a Stove

Crochet Patterns

I've recently fallen in love with CROCHET! And this website is amazing- enjoy!

Crochet Patterns

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