Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thoughts on Exams

*Sigh* Sometimes it's very difficult to be privileged enough to be studying! This is not a moaning session, though, it is merely a few thoughts.

1. I wish that exams were scheduled a bit better- I seem to be one of those people who just choose bad combinations of subjects! After writing an exam last night, I've got another one in 2 hours, and I've done so much work in the last few days that I'm too tired to even do final revisions.
2. Lego Star Wars should educate you via subliminal messaging. How awesome would it be if you could simply put messages throughout your game so that you could have fun while studying? There's one particular section in today's test that I just. don't. understand. I've been working on it for weeks now, and even with extensive explanations from my dear Engineer, I still can't grasp the concept of it. (So here I go, into the exam, hoping like hell that this section isn't chosen for the essay question!). Also, I would just like to have more time to play Lego Star Wars (have you tried that game?! It's amazing).
3.  I know this will not happen anytime soon due to problems with plagiarism etc., but I would really love to be able to type exams. I find it so difficult to try and write two huge essays and a whole bunch of other questions in a span of just 2 hours. It must be so frustrating to be a lecturer/tutor and half to mark my work O.o with a mind like mine, words are all over the page and it's just... not my best work.

Aaaand off I go to do final preparations. After this exam, it's only 2 to go. Not too shabby :P

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