Sunday, 15 June 2014

Glue Gun Fun

So, as some of you know, I have recently obtained a glue gun and I couldn't be more happy, or more excited. (If you are a crafty one like me, you'll understand the pure childish bliss of getting something super crafty that you've wanted for a while! So here is a compilation of things I'd like to make!

cardboard letter, yarn, & glue gun. cute for nursery -- WOULD BE CUTE FOR A BOY WITH ALL TWINE & LITTLE CARS OR ANIMALS INSTEAD OF FLOWERS

Wax seals?!?! How epic and how amazing is this?! Keep an eye on your postboxes :P

Glue Gun Wax Seals - cool idea, but don't be cheap like me. Spend the money for the colored glue. I thought I could get around it and use clear hot glue and then paint it. Make sure to use a lighter color as well, the dark color made mine hard to see the design.

Although I may seem like a bit of a dude at times, I do really fall for pretty girly things. Like this- wow. 

thereallycheapblog:  DIY flower crown for my sister. Thrifted fake flowers $0.75, a glue gun, and some scissors is all you need.

No, it's not anywhere near Christmas, but who needs a holiday to make something pretty like this? 
Use a simple, decent sized image.  Place wax paper over template.  Cover wax paper with dish detergent mixed with water. Trace image using a continuous stream of glue.  Dry, peel from paper.  If paper sticks, run under cold water.  Add more glue to any weak spots. Cover with Mod Podge. Cover with glitter. Add a hanger.

I've seen quite a few variations of this idea, but I do think that this one is really pretty! Glue gun and crayons- genius!

crayons and glue gun

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