Monday, 16 June 2014

Healthy Vegetarian Lasagne

This is my own recipe that I managed to conjure up in an afternoon, and it was delicious! So much so that I ate the whole thing in one go :)

If you make it, please let me know what you think!


Quorn meat free mince
For the Filling
Mixed herbs
Tomato and Onion Canned
1/2 Onion (or more if you are a fan, I personally am not!)
Soya Mince (Quorn is the best brand)
Lentils (any colour)
Vegetables of your choice, I prefer to use butternut and carrot, or peas if I have some in the freezer!

For the "Pasta"
Wraps (yes, the tortilla ones)

For the Sauce

  1. Cook your vegetables and lentils in a pot until they are ready, however you define ready! (I say this because some people like their vegetables more squishy than others)
  2. Now, fry up your soy mince with salt, pepper, herbs, onion and tinned tomato and onion. If you want to add anything else, go ahead, this is just my own preference :) When this is finished, put it aside
  3. Now, make your white sauce. Everyone seems to do this differently! I don't use cheese, just salt, butter, milk and flour. If you don't know how to make white sauce, I've linked a page at the bottom of this post. 
  4. Mix your fried goods with the lentils and vegetables
  5. Take a pan or whatever it is you'll be cooking your lasagne in and line the bottom with your first layer of "pasta", being a wrap, or a wrap stripped into many pieces to get it to the right shape!
  6. Put a layer of veggies and fried goods
  7. Put another layer of wrap :P
  8. .... Aaaaand another layer of veggies and fried goods!
  9. Then, another wrap!
  10. A sunbeam convention oven, a lot
    smaller than a normal oven!
  11. And finally, your white sauce.
I make this in a little Sunbeam Convention Oven at 180'C for 20-30 minutes, so this will obviously vary depending on what you cook with. Either way, leave it whatever oven you have for 20 mins at 180'C and just check up on it. Enjoy!

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