Thursday, 26 June 2014

How To Make a Creative To Do List

Yes, some may be thinking "what a dumb article" but actually, it took me years to develop a to do list system that actually works for me. I pride myself on the fact that I am able to create lists that actually inspire me rather than depressing or demotivating me. So here are some of my tips.

1. Make it Colourful!
If you have a creative to do list, why make it dull? A to do list should be inspiring, so even add images if you have to, anything to get that stuff done!

2. Take it in Steps

When I write my lists, I make sure that I put things up as small tasks rather than large ones to avoid being demotivated. Put things in steps! Do things at a pace that you can manage. Ticking off items gives one a feeling of accomplishment, so why not tick lots of boxes?

3. Place Things Under Headings

This way, you can be organised and not forget what it was exactly that you had to do. I also find that there are lots of tasks that are really similar, and when they are grouped together it saves time when I am doing them as there are parts that I can do at the same time!

4. Put Boring Tasks at the Bottom of Your List

I find that if I put boring tasks (such as an academic essay that I have to write or a test I have to study for) at the bottom of my list I get motivated to do anything but that list item and tick off things at an incredible speed. Procrastination can be a powerful tool, even though I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing at times!

5. Reward Yourself

Finished a whole section of items? Reward yourself. Buy yourself a new crafting tool or a new apron, something that'll inspire you to just create more and more and more!

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