Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Etsy Favourites: Watercolours

I started this "series" with my collection of favourite pet portraits. So now I'm moving onto watercolours! This one is super hard for me as I am obsessed with watercolour and I think it's just SO beautiful, but here are my favourites!

This is a very different piece which is probably why I like it so much. I've never seen something so... pensive? So masterfully done!
Deer Fawn Watercolor Painting Giclee Print 5x7 Nursery Art
Johnny Cash Portrait Fine Art Poster Print From Original Watercolor Painting - 13 x 19 in Art Poster Print

Dukkha - Limited Edition Print - Watercolor painting

How beautiful and whimsical is this?! I wish that I could ride a bear :/

Bear Maiden - Original watercolor painting

This makes me want a little pet hedgehog <3
Childrens Art - Animal Painting - Size 8x10inches  - Watercolor Painting - Nursery Art Print-Hedgehog

Original Watercolor Painting Archival Print," Protecting the Nest" Bluebird  Watercolor, Bird Nest Watercolor,

I just love how original this is....

Feather Watercolor Painting - Modern Home Decor - Small Archival Print - 5x7 Luna Feathers

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