Thursday, 19 June 2014


Have't heard about terrariums? What a sad existence you live! If that is the case, I'm glad that you stumbled across this page. Terrariums are basically a self-sustaining life form inside of a jar or something similar. They're also super easy to make, here's all you really need to do:

Stuff you need to keep in mind:

Now for the FUN part, looking at peoples pretty terrariums :P

So without further ado:

A marine terrarium, how beautiful!

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I find it amazing what you can do with the inside of a light bulb....

Tiny Terrarium

Look at the little animals added into this one!

Candles??? This just got even better!

Symmetry Trio Popular candle holders rendered in a new smaller size! Fill the glass vessels with your own decorative accents and finish by adding the votive cup on top. Light from a votive or tealight, sold separately, sets the trio aglow. Like what you see? Learn how to make your own terrarium.

And finally, a really nice picture guide with how to make your own terrarium!

How to Build a Terranium ~ Yumi Sakugawa

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