Thursday, 24 July 2014

A shopping blog

Yes, this is a strange post for me! But I am a huge follower of CutiePieMarzia and I love her clothes hauls. I never buy new clothes, so me taking money and actually buying an item is a big deal! I thought I'd do a clothes haul of my own- from my birthday shopping spree :D I only went to two places, Jayjays and Mr. Price (yes, I'm a Mr. P girl! I can't afford much more- I spend too much time at craft supply stores!)
Those of you who know me, know that anything
with an animal catches my eye :P

Teehee, boob shot! Mr. Price

This photo does nothing good, I just like how I'm framed! This is my mom's
dressing table, with all sorts of little things I've made her on it!


I love dresses. I always wear them with tights! This one was
found at Mr. Price

I'm a huge sucker for lace. This was also Mr. Price,
believe it or not!

A pajama top that I'll wear as an everyday top :P

My fiance can't handle it when I wear these- I run around shouting
"I'm a fox in socks, I'm a fox in socks!"

Pug socks? Erm, hell yeah O.o 

So there's my first ever clothing haul, I don't think I'll ever make one again, I just thought I'd try it out :P

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