Friday, 18 July 2014

Alice in Wonderland Themed Party Ideas

As many of you know, I recently had my 21st birthday party. And as many of you also know, I'm a little bit obsessed with Alice in Wonderland! So we decided to set up a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I hope you enjoy my ideas!
Just me working on some photo props!

We made party photo props such as Cheshire Cat grins, bow ties and quotes like "Off with her head!". We painted them on cardboard and then glue gunned them to skewer sticks. Such fun!

My fiance and I working on props and stuff :D

Just messing around with photo props!

The good old "This way, that way" sign post idea- really effective! We put this in a pot and surrounded it with plants. It looked super whimsical and gave such an amazing feeling of CHAOS!

I added a lot of my own homemade crafts around the party area- it's good to have a variety of things, the more cluttered it is, the better! 

The party area in it's early state- use different tables and chairs, it creates an amazing jumble!
My fiance stuck illustrations up on all the glass and windows around the area- it left the place so beautiful and whimsical. It's a really good way of making the area seem less like a house!

I covered old wine bottles (yes, I drink a lot of wine :P) with different cheap papers I picked up. We then put "drink me" signs on them and put flowers inside! How pretty!

Steady progress!

My mom had the wonderful idea of using a large illustration to cover up a window. It was fun to do and looked lovely!

This picture refuses to rotate, either that or I'm technologically impaired. Either way, this is the idea of the signs that say "This way, that way". Easy and SUPER effective!

It's so exciting when things staaaart to come together. We went to the local SPCA (any charity shop will do) and bought different tea cups and saucers. It looked so nice on the table, added a mad hattery feel and we supported the animals in the process! Wheehee!

Your typical South African veranda! Braai (BBQ), dish washer and ladder (no, that's not all usually on there!) with beautiful weather. 

I made a house of cards using packs of cards (big and small) and a glue gun. It was really easy to make and came out wonderfully. If you're looking for a cheap and fun centre piece, I recommend making one of these!
My brother hung up Christmas lights for a super whimsical feel!

We used different colour serviettes/napkins to keep up with the mix and match style of the party.
My mom went into the garden and used various plants- sticking them in random places and making everything feel super cool! Also, note her Cheshire cat (secret- it's just fabric wrapped around other stuff :P) 

My fiance made a top hat for the occasion (see previous blog posts for ideas and how to do so yourself!)

The house of cards I made using glue gun. Note the little knitted bunnies! I made these a few months ago and after gifting some, these ended up on the table!

Just some pictures of Alice (me)

Thinking about doing a make up tutorial!

The illustrations really help to make one feel like they aren't on a veranda, but rather somewhere more outside!

At the entrance to the party, we put a box of old dress up clothes for the morons who don't dress up! You always get those party poopers...

The table in it's ready state

My moms beautiful work!

What is it with photos failing to rotate today?!

This was a big birthday surprise for me! My mom ordered lots and lots of cupcakes. Along with that, she made cheese muffins (my favourite) and my brother made brownies OM NOM NOM. Then we had marshmallows with plastic icing to look like mushrooms!

I really love what my mom did with the cupcakes- caterpillars, GENIUS!

We put astros around the yummies to make the plates look more crowded. And, you know, ASTROS!

Everyone at the party, having a good time! (I hope!)

My mom had the brilliant idea of putting a turtle into the soup we had to eat, I took it out soon to avoid having it melt, but what an awesome idea!

The best table cloth is paper. We put crayons around the table so that people could draw everywhere!
Thank you for reading my blog! Let me know if you have any ideas that you can add, or if you have any comments!

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