Thursday, 24 July 2014

Genki, Stellies

There’s nothing quite like starting the day before it’s even light, although at the moment it’s not a hard thing to do in Stellenbosch. The other morning I found myself leaving for class in the semi-darkness, which really isn't safe, but the class occasionally promises pop quizzes that count for marks, so I have to go! I ran into class with a piece of half toasted bread in one hand and my half drunken cup of tea in the other hand, wearing my pajama top and my fiance’s study hoodie- the now shared study hoodie, worn for any form of educational crisis (but that’s a tale for another post). But anyway, this morning I woke up with a really big ache in my leg and couldn't get back to sleep because of it, so now I’m sitting here blogging with a chocolate in my left hand :P (it’s no wonder I gained so much weight when I moved to Stellies!).

So, last night I went to Genki, Stellenbosch, which is a *really* nice little Japanese restaurant down an alley way in the centre of town. Thankfully, I was not paying- a friend of my fiances dad took us all! The menu initially looks very sparse, but once one gets around to tasting things…. Well, wow. I was really impressed. I've been there once before, but being poor students, my fiancé and I went for starters and a glass of wine and called it a night :P So, “What to order?” you may ask…

Firstly, everyone has to try the Saki. And then once a Saki has been consumed, everyone has to try the plum saki! Wow, it’s a dessert Saki from what I can tell (well, that’s what my tongue says, whether it’s true or not is a matter for someone who cares a little bit more about specifics)

Vegetarians: Tried and tested! Miso Soup (tofu) and the tempura shitake mushrooms.... Something I couldn't imagine until I'd tried it, and then I couldn't get enough of it! The menu has many vegetarians options, I just haven't tried them all!

Non-vegetarians:  The yakitori grilled skewers are very, very delicious. The prawn ones come super fresh (yes I’m a vegetarian, and yes I made an exception for the sake of trying Japanese food for the first time) and I was told that the chicken was very nice too. We next had some Miso Soup. Wow, it was delicious! In terms of sushi, we ordered a large platter that consisted of a few things that I'll never be able to remember, but by far the best is the Genki crunch roll. Along with that, drink lots of wine. Wine is always a good choice on the menu :P

So in terms of service, food and atmosphere, I'm very impressed. Being a student with low standards and super limited funds, I unfortunately can't eat there more often, but if you're looking for a meal that's different and more of an experience than an evening, give it a try. 

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