Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Just a blog about my day :)

"Why all the sudden dog pictures?!" you may be asking. Well, for starters I'm on holiday in Durban so I can actually see the dog; and secondly, for the first time in her life, this hound is actually being friendly! 

We used to have two border collies, and while the other one was alive, this little brat (Chloe) used to be the most cat-like dog you'd ever meet. She would only stick around for food, and she HATED love. When the older dog, Spec, passed away, this little one became so much more loving. Never before was I able to take photos of her that didn't involve me forcing her into it! :D

She still doesn't like hats, though!

 Look at those gorgeous ears... 


So I decided to have some fun with porcelain today. I have this really awesome (and terribly expensive) pen that I bought that allows you to draw on porcelain and then you shove it in the oven and it sticks! Really fun stuff. I got a few pieces from the SPCA and decided to let my imagination go wild.

My mom came to join and decided to do a milk jug!

Now that I'm used to Cape Town and the squirrels, I get super excited whenever the monkeys come to visit the garden.

I even chased them with Chloe!

This is the first piece I did :) 

After that, I had a whole lot of fun with kitty cats!

 Is it obvious that after chasing the monkeys with Chloe, I was inspired?

 The great wall of China that didn't quite work out ^.^ But I love it anyway!

My moms project :D 

So, I suppose you could call it a successful day! Plus, it's not often that I write an actual diary blog. :)

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