Thursday, 3 July 2014

Midlands Meandering

So, I seem to be getting big on diary blogs! It's fun to capture a day with a few photos, and super fun to share :)

Before the meander, we stopped off at the mushroom farm in Shongweni to
go to the nursery. I'm more interested in the animals than the plants of course, and look what
I found- little baby bunnies hidden away in the rocks! And an awesome goat just
chilling there, looking like a guardian figure/

The mommy goat and the daddy goat, and their adopted bunnies!

I love the colours in this guy, he's absolutely stunning!

Next we went up past Howick to visit my mom's friend, Jenny. This is her

Poor kitty somehow fell in the river and was quite a mess!

I may be an idiot, but there's something quite exhilarating about trying to get as close as possible to a goose before it hisses and chases you!

A lovely little cottage

My brother and I on Jenny's farm, with my dad lurking in the background

Me, Jenny and my mom

All the men on the excursion were absolutely FASCINATED by this pump!

Slow down! This was at a stop off on the meander, I'm not exactly sure quite where.
It's a place with candle dipping and a beautiful toy shop!

Next we drove what seemed like forever up to a cheese place that was.... erm, closed O.o
So I took lots of photos of the goats, they're so cute!

Aaaand Howick falls was of course on the agenda too, you can't miss it out, it's so beautiful!

My brother and I at Howick falls

My mom and I at Howick Falls

The most beautiful horse sculpture at the piggly wigly stop off. There's the most beautiful art gallery there.

Ooooh! So, maybe not the best story telling today, I'm a little tired! I've been so super duper exhausted these last few days. I've been really struggling to sleep and can't figure out why- I think I need to be smacked over the head with a frying pan!!

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