Wednesday, 23 July 2014

SPEED BLOG: Washi Tape

For what seems like years, I have waited to see Washi tape come into the stores.

So, now that that's cleared, I got my first few rolls of it yesterday! While prices are still really high, washi tape is finally here. I call this a speed blog because I have about ten minutes to do the whole thing, and I got inspired and had to do a whole bunch of different crafts in a small space of time and took *terrible* photos of them so I could share the ideas with you!

1. If you're going to fix your glasses, do it in sTyLe!
I don't actually need glasses, these came out of my faculty building's lost property!
 I like them because they make me feel smart :P

2. Why spend hours painting a DECOUPAGE box? Washi tape works just as well!

3. Those of you who have tried those beautiful paper straws from the shops will know that although they may be pretty, they seem to die quite quickly. Use Washi tape to decorate proper straws quickly!

I can pull some really ugly faces sometimes ^.^
4. Use Washi tape to find your favourite pen more easily.

Ooh. I do like my favourite pen!

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