Sunday, 17 August 2014

Second Engagement

So, most of you know that I've been engaged for over two years now. When Brandt and I first got engaged, he couldn't afford a diamond for me so he bought me a cubic zirconia and promised that when he could afford a diamond, he'd get me one. So, recently, that happened!

I thought I'd share the story with you- since so many people have asked me already. So here's the story of the first engagement:

(This is not totally copied and pasted from something I wrote years ago :D)

"What better way to start an evening than with a super hot curry and awesome romantic evening out at dinner? Dressed in our typical fancy smancy dresses and top hats regime, we headed out to a really nice seafood restaurant where we stuffed our faces and indulged in some wine... Mmmmmmmm, wiiiine....

Following our delicious dinner, we wondered over to "our" place. This being, the place where we first made our relationship final and had our first kiss. Let me elaborate...
We met through a mutual friend. It all began with hurricanes of insults and wonderfully witty conversations, and resulted in a secret under-the-table hand holding the following night at our local hang out, Stokers. Sadly, 2 days later he flew back to his current residence, Cape Town :( We kept in contact, of course. Spending stacks of airtime on each other, just talking absolute crap for hours on the phone. Needless to say, we fell in love. And in all honesty, after a week I knew that he was the guy for me, no doubt about it. 2 weeks passed and I found him back on my doorstep, a flight had been taken and he had come all the way back just to be with me once more. We all headed to Stokers, as we tend to do, and as soon as he arrived we ran (literally, RAN) behind a train where he swept me up in his arms and kissed me in the most wonderful and passionate way, before he held my hand and asked me to be his. We sat for hours on the train after that, holding each other and kissing and just talking crap like we so often do. And that was the beginning of that.
Now, returning to the proposal. We walked over to Stokers where I was very cold so we went and sat inside and had some tea :D:D Then he wondered off and left me with a note expressing his love for me, and the wonder of our first moments as one under beside train... he returned with caramel vodka shots (which warmed us up A LOT) and then he wondered off again, this time leaving me with a note telling me to go to the train we had first kissed on, where he would be waiting. I approached the train and he helped me up onto the carriage, where his top hat sat. He told me to put it on, so I did. Underneath it was a little white box, which he picked up as he took my hand. He then proceeded to go down on one knee and before he could even finish his sentence, I was already answering with a never-been-more-sure-about-anything-in-my-life-before yes :D

It was with that, that we promised our lives together and became one <3 nbsp="">


Well, we took a train into Cape Town. There's something so romantic about a train ride, I absolutely LOVE going on the train. The best part is that the rails go past all of the farms and you get to see lots of animals :D

So we got into Cape Town and headed towards the Waterfront where Brandt and I both got some really nice new boots/shoes (#treatyoself :P). After that, we wondered around the waterfront as we so love to do. Theeeen we went to the most incredible little Japanese restaurant, Haiku. Very expensive, but VERY good!
We had a very nice varied meal. We ordered lots of things to try and shared them between us. It was a very expensive meal, but absolutely worth it, especially for a second engagement :D Here is what we had:
Alles Verloren Shiraz: Alles Verloren is not a wine that you can really go wrong with.
Calamari Nigiri
Prawn Nigiri (Just saying, every single item on this list was FRESH. I felt like I was a seal having an amazing feast. It was definitely worth it- the kind of sushi that makes you want to cry it's so good!) 
Salmon Roses
Tuna Crunch
Prawn Wonton
Salt and Pepper Calamari : This was my favourite item. It was so moist, so fresh and *SO* delicious.
Vegetable Fried Noodles
After this, we had the plum saki... It was really, really good. We combined it with our desserts. Mine was the cheesecake and Brandt had 2 scoops of mango ice cream and 2 scoops of green tea ice cream. All of the dessert was AMAZING, the best cheesecake I've ever had. 

The cheesiest green screen photo EVER :D
Then we wandered around a little bit and then went on the Cape Wheel :D If you've never gone on it before, I know it's expensive but I really think that it's worth it. It was so much fun and the views are amazing. Although, the absolute best part was when Brandt pointed towards his top hat placed on the bench across from us (see the link to the first proposal? ^^) and told me to pick it up. I did so, and underneath was the ring box. Then, he went down on one knee... He's magically romantic, is he not? :D We spent most of the rest of the ride kissing like teenagers which was absolutely beautiful. Afterwards the sun was starting to go down. We wandered a bit more along the promenade and Brandt got me a balloon dog :D After that we got a cab and went home. It was such a magical day <3 p="">
Cape Wheel

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