Tuesday, 30 September 2014

An updated list of sewing tips

Wow, I have been learning fast. I have been spending A LOT of time at my sewing machine, and when I'm not there, I love looking up tutorials and learning. I know I put up sewing tips a while ago, but I feel like I've come a long way since then, and I'd really like to share what has helped me along the way. I hope you other sewers out there enjoy these resources, they are incredibly and come from some pretty amazing people! 

Click on the photo to link to the source, I find that images look messy with links below them or in the caption!

This tip is absolutely genius. I can't believe I've never tried it before. I once had an absolutely dumb similar idea- to use hair wax for this. Needless to say, I hadn't really thought it through and it ended up being a gooey mess. Euw. 
So many great sewing hacks you need to know!

This is amazing, I can't believe I've never thought of it before. My problem is that I often start thinking about other things while sewing and my work ends up going skew

Easy seam allowance 
sewing hacks-14

I've been working on tote bags and I like to make the handles myself, so this has really come in handy!

sewing hacks-2
One tip that I know works very well is to always use an iron. There's just something so professional about how things look when they're complete... Unfortunately, I am stone cold broke currently, so I am waiting for my next bit of income before I can finally invest in one!

No, not that kind of iron. 
When you mess up, just unpick it. I hate this one. And I hate it when I mess up a project. But quite honestly, rather spend a minute or two unpicking a project than mess it up even further. I find that when I just keep going, the project often gets ditched and becomes a huge waste of time and money...
As they say...

This is something I learnt veeeery quickly... There's nothing more frustrating than having your sewing machine go, "HA! Look at you, idiot! You ran out of thread!" Always make sure that your bobbin has enough thread for what you are about to tackle. In order to save thread, I have a lot of bobbins and I don't throw away bits left on a bobbin, I simply save them for when I will have a smaller part to sew.

This is something I learnt rather quickly, too. I never used to change my needles because I'd always be sewing silly projects while my mom was doing proper ones, and I had no idea that you had to change your needle! Thankfully, I am older, more wrinkly and wiser and I now change my needles before they mess everything up.

Sewing Tips from the Pros: My Readers Weigh In | On Sutton Place

Just... make yourself a pin cushion. You really won't regret this one, and your life partner will thank you for stopping using the carpet... (although carpets do make incredible pin cushions)
....Ooooh! I feel another list coming along- gorgeous pin cushion ideas...

Dream a Little Bigger - Dream a Little Bigger Craft Blog - Inspired! Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion!

I am a huge fan of ruffling, but mine always comes out ugly. Because of this, I lost hope and haven't tried ruffles in a while! This idea, however, seems like a great one and I can't wait to try it!


This is something I seriously battle with. If it's not my unpicker I've lost, it's always something else. Here are some really cool ideas on how to keep yourself organised while sewing. This has helped me save hours! 

As soon as I have a flat where I can actually do things that will leave permanent damage (such as just put up a simple shelf), this is definitely one of my first projects. There's a Consol factory shop nearby so mason jars will be cheap- this is just such a clever idea!

Mason jar storage- Love it!!!

Damn, something went funny with this picture and I am struggling to get it right again. But what an incredible idea- you take threads or ribbons or whatever and wrap them around pegs, then pegging them so that they don't unravel! Incredible!

Crochet Basket - Multicolor Rainbow Storage Bowl

I've never understood t.o.e s.e.p.a.r.a.t.o.r.s... I find them ugly and very uncomfortable. So this is a great way of using those terrible things that I have gathered over the years!

This is something I could definately do with
DIY Thread Storage Rack for under $5!

Oh, and just as an extra note, be sure to check this out. This is a seriously useful resource, and even if you don't use it now you should definitely bookmark it for later!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Part 1: Let me tell you my life story... through music

I was chopping up lettuce to make my second dinner (I have this habit of eating far too much in the evenings, so I decided to start eating salad if I'm still hungry!) and one of my favourite songs at the moment came on shuffle. This song pretty much sums up how I've been feeling for the last few months... In one word, scared. I am absolutely *TERRIFIED* about the future and it's been keeping me awake at night. I miss the nights of sleeping well, I find that when I sleep I dream about the future and then I wake up, worry, and can't get back to sleep. The song I'm speaking about is Christina Perri ... and the song is called "Sad Song" ! Haha isn't that a great start to this post? :D

"I wish I wasn't always wrong, I wish it wasn't always my fault..."

Haven't you ever felt like that? Like, as if nothing you do is ever right? The worst is when you try really really hard at something, such as a friendship, and it just all goes to hell. It's such a let down, and being wrong so often can really hurt one's confidence.

"I wonder what my mom and dad would say, If I told them that I cry each day, But it's hard enough to live so far away" 

Well, this one is an obvious one, I suppose. It's very difficult when you move away from home. I love living in the Cape and I do prefer it, but I miss my parents like crazy. I miss the DMCs my mom and I have, and I miss the lame jokes my dad and I tell. But it's just part of growing up, I guess. The last lines here sum everything up pretty well. I feel so immature, and I don't want to be mature. It's so scary. I don't like being an adult, there's suddenly so much pressure and the future is absolutely terrifying. Sometimes I just want to be little again for a day and just curl up into a little ball and not move!

"And I'm so sorry, it's not like me
It's maturity that I'm lacking
Do don't, don't let me go
Just let me know that I can slip and fall
And you won't let me go
Just let me know that growing up goes slow" 

Okay, so now let's go waaay back. I only started listening to my own music at about the age of 8 or 9, but there are a few songs that really stick out for me as being super awesome childhood memories.

One of them is (yes dad, you guessed it!) "Boys of Summer" by DJ Sammy. Yes, I am aware that this is not the original, but I don't care! The version that my dad and I used to listen to was an incredible one. It was a version that really made you excited for the day, and which was very uplifting. There was nothing significant about the lyrics, I just really loved the song. Along with these, without much in the form of explanation...

"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash (this was always playing at family braais at my aunt and uncles house)

"Brimful of Asha" by Cornershop (which my dad and I used to do a silly dance thingy where we'd hide behind a door frame and pop out and sing "FORTY FIVE!" in the chorus)

I decided to do these blog posts in sections as they have a lot of videos added to them and then my laptop seems to crash! So here is the end of the first one. :):) The next one will involve when I actually started listening to music on my own. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Trends that I am in love with right now

Okay, so this is quite a different post for me! But recently I've seen a lot of things popping up that I think are really cool. And whether they're actually considered trends or not doesn't really matter to me, because I really like them.

Trends that have been around for  a while

Chevron Prints

When these first came into fashion on the crafty scene, I was not a fan. But the more I see, the more I fall in love! I didn't ever think that chevron print could be appealing as I've never been a fan of geometric shapes, but I suppose I'm now hooked!

I am a huge fan of quilts... I think that there are so many things that you can do with them, and I wish I had the patience to make them... 

And then we have the awesomeness of chevron furniture... I love how such a simple pattern can make such a difference to all of these pieces...

Painting girl's bedroom furniture DIY beautify blog

Owls and bunnies

I will never be one to complain about a certain animal being in fashion... As an absolute animal lover, my favourite thing is to have ANIMALS ANIMALS ANIMALS EVERYWHERE! I think that owls and bunnies are on the way out right now, and it seems like bulldogs and pugs are on their way in. But owls and bunnies are probably my favourites in terms of fashionable prints.

I wish I knew where to get fabrics like these so that I could make my own dresses... The problem as well is that when you find such beautiful prints, they end up being rather pricey. 
Emily Temple Cute, Rabbit Ballerina Print Sleeveless OP. Was torn between pinning on my fashion board vs. this bunny board. Guess bunnies win! :)

There's just something about bunnies... 
Cartoon Rabbit Vintage Sweater by BernardLafond on Etsy, $24.50

So Chic Basic Crew  GREY

Owning a pug... and owning everything pug

If you've ever walked through town with a pug, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. Everyone wants a pug nowadays, it just seems to be the dog to own. I babysat my friends pug the other day and got more reaction than I've ever gotten with any other dog! 

Old style prints
But then again, who can resist? I love old style prints. Old movies, old icons... Hell, Marilyn Manroe seems to have been in fashion since she was alive. It's very rare that you walk into an interior decorating shop and there isn't at least a clock that has her face on it. Anyway, my favourites at the moment are characters from Bambi. The colours of the prints work really well with fashion. 

I've never been a fan of clothes with Mickey Mouse on them, but they are in at the moment... 

The Best Disney Clothes Ever!
Doesn't someone want to buy me this one? ^^;;;

This+Bambi+Collection+is+the+Cutest+Collaboration+Yet. Love this sweater!
I love all of these... They just look so warm and comfy!

"Forever 21 Disney Sweatshirts" by scarscar93 ❤ liked on Polyvore
Trends up and coming

Something that has only just started to show itself as a trend (at least here in South Africa) are ear cuffs. I absolutely love them... My friend Bela and I recently bought some each from Factorie. They were quite pricey but really cute. I'm going to start importing some, I think they're an awesome fashion accessory :D
An example of the stock at Factorie,
not the one I bought though!
I absolutely love this! I want to start making these
Bela and me
So there are my ideas on trends and such, I hope you enjoyed this post... If you did, please

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dreaming While I'm Awake

So, I've been waking up depressingly early recently. And all I do is sit and think. I  suppose it's more like dreaming, though. My thoughts when I woke up early this morning were quite depressing ones! I woke up with the idea in my head that I have no "first experiences" left. Which, as I'm about to illustrate, is nonsense. 

I still have to get my DRIVERS

Yes, it is embarrassing but true. I have yet to pass my drivers! So, when this happens I suppose we move on to the idea of buying a car. I don't want an extremely nice car quite honestly, I want something very small and practical. I'm not one for nice, sexy cars... So this would actually be perfect for me!

I'd love a car that I could attack with modge podge. Can you imagine how cool it'd be to drive this thing? It's like a mobile expression of your personality, absolutely beautiful

I have yet to buy a house

Oh yes, the house ordeal. Well, once again, I don't want anything big. I pretty much want a cottage. I'd like a small house with a small open plan lounge/dining room/kitchen, a bathroom and bedroom, possibly a spare bathroom and bedroom for visiters/children (yes, I said children). The most important thing to me would be to have my own craft room/studio. I'd love a nice sunny room where I can just sit with my 20 dogs and get things done. 

So, I just went onto the web and took a couple of cottages that i like :D If I were to own this one, I'd totally take up the whole top floor for crafting :P

I've always loved houses with blue roofs.... 

And I absolutely adore large patios. I would have all of my pots and herbs and plants out there...

My first dog

I super duper look forward to this one! It's probably very far ahead in the future, as I'll probably teach overseas for a few years and even then settling down is still quite a way away. But when I am finally able to just relax and be able to have a stable home, I definitely want a dog. This will probably happen at about the same time as I plan on having children, as I think kids should be exposed to pets from a young age. I think it teaches a kind of compassion and companionship. Anyway, I don't know what type of dog I'd like, preferably a pavement special from the SPCA. But here are a few of my favourite dog breeds anyway :)

Border Collies are absolutely at the top of my list. I suppose this is probably because I grew up with the breed, Ever since I was little we've had them, and they are the most beautiful, gentle dogs. They do need a lot of exercise, so just don't get one if you can't give them what they need. Here are a few photos of my little border collie, because she's awesome and I can't help but show her off :P

The poor animal...

So I presume that my love of dalmatians came from watching 101 Dalmatians as a child. We also had one that lived down the road on the corner that I'd admire every day when we drove to pre-primary school. I just find their spots so adorable. I guess that they have similar facial shapes to border collies, I am a fan of a dog with a l o n g  s n o u t, so a dalmatian isn't too far fetched!


Next is pretty much just a dream dog. Brandt won't let me have them because their life spans are often shortened due to health problems, and he knows how attached I become to animals. These have always been so gorgeous in my mind, and they make the best carpets...

...No! I would never skin a Great Dane, that is NOT what I was implying!

So beautiful...

Harlequins are my favourite

Ooh, I must explain to you what i meant by "Great Danes make the best carpets"... Well, Brandt's aunt has 3 of these guys. They are *SO* beautiful. There are 2 black ones and one black and white one. In their house, they have one of those cow skin rugs (the ones that i don't like because... mooo) and the black and white Dane was lying on it and was so camouflaged that I stepped directly on him :O He didn't seem too perturbed, he probably didn't feel anything but I certainly felt super guilty!

My Wedding

I must be honest, I am so excited to have a dress made/make me dress. This is pretty much the focus of the wedding for me! I don't particularly like the idea of a wedding in general, the idea seriously stresses me out. I've been to so many weddings where there are just far too many guests and the focus is completely shifted from the couple getting married to everyone else and what they want. Well, let me put it straight. I want to be able to be selfish on our wedding. Brandt and my wedding is about us and our love, it's not about anyone else. I don't want any bullpoop, any people complaining or anyone messing anything up. I want us to be the focus, I want to enjoy myself and I want it to be a night without drama or any chaos except good chaos! So I would like to just.... elope. Although I know I won't, because life just isn't that nice and simple. So I suppose I'll just have a huge wedding with lots of people I don't want there but have to invite, and then Brandt and I will have a secret other wedding. Or I just won't get married and avoid the torture that seems to come with the whole situation! Either way, let's focus on a dress! 

Some things are just non-negotiable. If I'm going to have a wedding, I need a dress with so much lace that I could start my own shop...

Not the style I usually like, but its just so pretty


Okay well, maybe at least on the trim! 

wedding dress corset back

A corset is a definite for me. I've always loved them and I plan on getting started on trying to sew one in the very near future. I don't know if it's possible to feel ugly in a corset, I know that I certainly never have!

I love the simplicity of this...
Fern Bustier Wedding Gown... whimsical dress by jadadreaming

As a side note, I find wedding lingerie to be beautiful. If I ever get properly into fashion design, lingerie will definitely be my specialty. A piece of wedding lingerie is so delicate, yet it can hold so many secrets...

wedding lingerie

Even something that's not quite white... I love the way that pink is still appropriate with this... Ballerina meats bride. 


And you can't walk around without a veil on your bum!

wedding day lingerie


Oh dear, I still have to  have my kiddies. I don't really have too much of a preference (okay, I first want a girl and I want her name to be Alice and she'll be adorable and I'll make her dresses)

That was the biggest lie ever, let me start again. I think everyone goes into having kids with some form of expectations or ideas of what they'd like. I don't mind what my kids want to be like, all I want is to be able to dress them in cute things that I make :B 

This is so adorable...
Bear Sweatshirt
I'm sure that none of you are surprised by my choices...

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/164657986/salmon-tribal-leggings

Oh how i love patchwork...

One Good Thread - Persnickety Clothing - Patchwork Dress - Multicolor - Mossy Woods (later delivery), $106.00 (http://www.onegoodthread.com/persnickety-clothing-patchwork-dress-multicolor-mossy-woods-later-delivery/)

Okay so maybe I should focus on getting a mannequin rather than a child, I suppose it'd probably be a better fit for me! I'd just love a little one to be running around wearing my clothes, and I'd love to be able to pass on my crafty skills, too!

Let's end this post off with a bear rug. You'll thank me.

Bear rug...