Friday, 5 September 2014

7 Fun Animal Crafts

Just a few fun animal crafts I got together for your crafting pleasure!


Cute pom pom sea creatures

The following tutorial is how to make a stuffed dog, and a gorgeous one, too! Yes, it is in German (I think), but the pattern is super easy so you don't even need instructions. 

Being a student at Stellenbosch, I am in love with squirrels. They're just so cute and wonderful and cuddly <3 a="" better="" but="" different="" from="" hope="" i="" it="" lot="" making="" once="" one="" p="" pattern="" s="" simpler="" this="" tried="" ugly.="" was="" works="">

Now for a proper animal craft! Here's how to make a jacket for a dog or a cat.

Dog Coat Pattern  I'm also thinking of you @Ann-Marie Soelberg  because sometimes a puppy cowl needs a tweed coat, too

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