Wednesday, 10 September 2014

An Update (Again)

So, I finally have time to sit for a few minutes... (Or rather, I don't actually have time, I just decided to steal some time to sit on my balcony with a glass of wine before attempting to do some exercise- yes, having wine first isn't the greatest plan!) and I thought I'd just give an update. Nothing really interesting, just sort of a diary entry, since I've been a little quiet the past few days.

Well, over the weekend I stayed at my fiance's dads house because it was his brothers birthday,

Happy birthday, Rijn! You are a quarter of a century old! We didn't do too much- I mainly worked. But something cool was going to a place called "Fabric Centre"... Wow! They had such an amazing range and... of course... I left there with a pile of stuff! If you live in the area, definately go and check it out. I googled it and sadly they don't seem to have a proper website or anything, but their address is online. I was really impressed by their range. They had local made fabrics as well as everything else you could ever want, and I was a good customer :P Sadly my camera has died and Brandt's phone has died too, which means that I don't have a way of adding any photos to this blog post :(

After the weekend, we went to a friends flat on a farm, which was really beautiful. There were piggies which we fed, and we ventured to my friends grans farm to feed the donkeys and the giant deer thing (I think it was a gemsbok?) which was really cool. We made dumplings which were *amazing*... My friend got the recipe from heeere... 

Well, i think it's that recipe at least! We also made vegetarian ones which were delicious. I'll have to confirm with her, all I know is that the idea came from a Cooking with Dog video on Youtube, and it was delicious!

Along with this, we drank lots of beer (a strange thing for me- I'm a wine drinker preferably). We had the coolest beer ever- bought from Checkers Liquor for about R12, which had a buddha shaped into the glass! It was also delicious beer, I drank it rather fast :P

The next day, we ventured into Cape Town as Naomi had to go to the Chinese consulate. She'd heading there at the end of the year, so she needs to sort her Visa out. It was closed due to some festival, so we headed on to the China Town near Century City, where I bought a bunch of practical things and some ribbons and wool for crafts. Brandt bought a big box of Lego, but I wouldn't expect anything less from him!

Then we headed off to Wellington to stay on the farm. The next day, Naomi and I went in to Cape Town again to deal with stuff at the consulate, and after that we went to a HUGE fabric shop near the train station, which was 4/5? stories tall and had literally anything you could possibly want in it. It was incredible. There was a sale on lace so I got a lot of that :P After that, we went to the Eastern Food Bizarre near to the Fugard Theatre (if you haven't been there, it's amazing and you must go watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show that they have on at the moment) . The food bizarre was WONDERFUL. The meals were huge (I walked out there looking like a balloon) and so delicious. I was shocked by how affordable the meals were. I got an Aloo Matar, which is a potato curry with an amazing sauce, and I took home some Butter Chicken for Brandt. For the both of those, I paid R65 and we were both super full and satisfied. I was really impressed. Naomi got the Tandori chicken and couldn't even finish that. She also took home falafels (spell? :P) and hummus, and bought some Naan bread which was amazing. I was so impressed by the prices.  

Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show

about eastern food bazaar
We did a lot more wandering around and even went into Charlys Bakery, but we were both far too full for any more food. After that we did a long meander home.

Oh, and did you know that Stellenbrau is finally bottling it's beers? Amazing addition to the day :P 

I must go do some terrible exercises now :( I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! xx

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