Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Future Crafty Plans

People are constantly giving me suggestions on things that I plan to make in the future, and I am often saying "yes, yes, I'll get to that..." and sadly I completely forget about all the things I've planned to do! So I thought I'd make this blog post as a brainstorm of ideas and things that I'd like to do. I'd love some input if you guys wouldn't mind, I really do appreciate all the suggestions and support that you all give me.

So, let's start!

Things I need money for

This is just a list of things I've been planning to do for a while, but don't actually have the money to do at the moment! So right now it's pretty much a list of wishes that I have for the future, and things that I'll get to when I start making a profit.

Proper Branding
This is something that I need to get to very soon, as selling items without branding just seems ridiculous! I want to get ribbon labels printed, or I'll make them myself. I found a very cool article on how to make them yourself, but the price of transfer paper is rather high in this country!


When I went to my last market, I didn't do as well as I wanted to. So I'm going to adapt my stock a little bit, which will be awesome :D I love making gothic style things, I think that they're so beautiful and intricate.

I've been wanting to make skirts... I love gothic skirts. There's just so much that you can do with them. These are a few things that are inspiring me right now....


alice auaa > スカート - alice auaa / レイヤードスカート (アリス アウアア) - ゴスロリ古着販売専門 ClosetChild
As well as some pretty gothic accessories...

Once I've had a bit of practice, I'd also like to get into making corsets. I've been obsessed with lingerie for about 5 or so years now, and would really love to get to learn how to make some really special, intricate pieces. This may be quite far in the future though- I'm very heavily loaded with work at the moment, and I know that learning these things takes time!

Next, there are a few nerdy things I want to get into making. Mainly jewelry things such as poker ball necklaces, adventure time bits and pieces and some other things. I'm a bit weary of sharing all my ideas on here as some of them are extremely unique and I want to try them out first :P I also found a really cool wand tutorial (yes, you heard me) that just looks like a lot of fun for rainy days. I'm keen to try that :D

For Myself
I often completely forget about myself when it comes to sewing, but there are a few projects I've wanted to try for years that I'm definitely going to get to. These are all things that are pretty much personal goals, things that I can tick off of my list once I've done them :D

Firstly, I've always wanted an infinity dress. I am so difficult to shop for and really struggle to find things that I actually want to wear! So this holidays I aim to make myself one of these dresses. Nothing can make a girl feel pretty quite like an infinity dress! I found this tutorial online which is really simple and looks great:

I am currently nearly finished making myself a ruffle skirt, which I didn't do from a tutorial as I couldn't find one that suited my needs very well. A lot of the tutorials are for skirts for little kids, so I decided to wing it! I would like to start making a kiddies range of clothes too though, and I love this idea... (okay this isn't technically sewing for me but the thought was related :P)

Yes, yes... I'm going on about foxes again! When it comes to me, I really can't go more than a few days without doing something related to these gorgeous animals. I just can't help myself!
I really love this tutorial, and I'd love to make one to go on my bed!

I've always had a small obsession with Lolita clothing- what sewer doesn't? The ruffles, the bows, the poofy bits... It's everything I love in a project. I've wanted to make myself something like this for years, and this is a really nice article on the construction of these :)

So there's just a few of my general plans for the future. There are far more but I'm tired of typing now :P
Have an awesome day, everyone!

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