Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Part 1: Let me tell you my life story... through music

I was chopping up lettuce to make my second dinner (I have this habit of eating far too much in the evenings, so I decided to start eating salad if I'm still hungry!) and one of my favourite songs at the moment came on shuffle. This song pretty much sums up how I've been feeling for the last few months... In one word, scared. I am absolutely *TERRIFIED* about the future and it's been keeping me awake at night. I miss the nights of sleeping well, I find that when I sleep I dream about the future and then I wake up, worry, and can't get back to sleep. The song I'm speaking about is Christina Perri ... and the song is called "Sad Song" ! Haha isn't that a great start to this post? :D

"I wish I wasn't always wrong, I wish it wasn't always my fault..."

Haven't you ever felt like that? Like, as if nothing you do is ever right? The worst is when you try really really hard at something, such as a friendship, and it just all goes to hell. It's such a let down, and being wrong so often can really hurt one's confidence.

"I wonder what my mom and dad would say, If I told them that I cry each day, But it's hard enough to live so far away" 

Well, this one is an obvious one, I suppose. It's very difficult when you move away from home. I love living in the Cape and I do prefer it, but I miss my parents like crazy. I miss the DMCs my mom and I have, and I miss the lame jokes my dad and I tell. But it's just part of growing up, I guess. The last lines here sum everything up pretty well. I feel so immature, and I don't want to be mature. It's so scary. I don't like being an adult, there's suddenly so much pressure and the future is absolutely terrifying. Sometimes I just want to be little again for a day and just curl up into a little ball and not move!

"And I'm so sorry, it's not like me
It's maturity that I'm lacking
Do don't, don't let me go
Just let me know that I can slip and fall
And you won't let me go
Just let me know that growing up goes slow" 

Okay, so now let's go waaay back. I only started listening to my own music at about the age of 8 or 9, but there are a few songs that really stick out for me as being super awesome childhood memories.

One of them is (yes dad, you guessed it!) "Boys of Summer" by DJ Sammy. Yes, I am aware that this is not the original, but I don't care! The version that my dad and I used to listen to was an incredible one. It was a version that really made you excited for the day, and which was very uplifting. There was nothing significant about the lyrics, I just really loved the song. Along with these, without much in the form of explanation...

"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash (this was always playing at family braais at my aunt and uncles house)

"Brimful of Asha" by Cornershop (which my dad and I used to do a silly dance thingy where we'd hide behind a door frame and pop out and sing "FORTY FIVE!" in the chorus)

I decided to do these blog posts in sections as they have a lot of videos added to them and then my laptop seems to crash! So here is the end of the first one. :):) The next one will involve when I actually started listening to music on my own. 

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