Monday, 1 September 2014

Sixteen Really Cool Craft Ideas

Wow, it's so difficult to type! I'm sitting in the dark since I woke up stressed and worried at 2AM and finally decided there was no way I was going to get back to sleep! I can touch type rather well, but initially finding the keys is difficult. So, I've been gathering (over the last few weeks) some incredibly clever crafts I've discovered over the internet. They're far too exciting not to share, so have a look!

Some simple sewing and embellishing can turn a recycled sweater into this supercute hat!

mini pom pom tutorial <3

You've got to check this out. Super easy tutorial for making friendship bracelets that anyone can make - even young children. Free bracelet template included to get you started.

Crochet Valentine Hearts with step by step photos and instructions

Costume Wolf Tail

Picture of How to make a corset (quick + easy)
Quick and easy basic corset
Title Image

Picture of braided t-shirt yarn basket

100+ free skirt patterns.  Easy sewing for any skill level. The Sewing Loft


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