Sunday, 21 September 2014

Trends that I am in love with right now

Okay, so this is quite a different post for me! But recently I've seen a lot of things popping up that I think are really cool. And whether they're actually considered trends or not doesn't really matter to me, because I really like them.

Trends that have been around for  a while

Chevron Prints

When these first came into fashion on the crafty scene, I was not a fan. But the more I see, the more I fall in love! I didn't ever think that chevron print could be appealing as I've never been a fan of geometric shapes, but I suppose I'm now hooked!

I am a huge fan of quilts... I think that there are so many things that you can do with them, and I wish I had the patience to make them... 

And then we have the awesomeness of chevron furniture... I love how such a simple pattern can make such a difference to all of these pieces...

Painting girl's bedroom furniture DIY beautify blog

Owls and bunnies

I will never be one to complain about a certain animal being in fashion... As an absolute animal lover, my favourite thing is to have ANIMALS ANIMALS ANIMALS EVERYWHERE! I think that owls and bunnies are on the way out right now, and it seems like bulldogs and pugs are on their way in. But owls and bunnies are probably my favourites in terms of fashionable prints.

I wish I knew where to get fabrics like these so that I could make my own dresses... The problem as well is that when you find such beautiful prints, they end up being rather pricey. 
Emily Temple Cute, Rabbit Ballerina Print Sleeveless OP. Was torn between pinning on my fashion board vs. this bunny board. Guess bunnies win! :)

There's just something about bunnies... 
Cartoon Rabbit Vintage Sweater by BernardLafond on Etsy, $24.50

So Chic Basic Crew  GREY

Owning a pug... and owning everything pug

If you've ever walked through town with a pug, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. Everyone wants a pug nowadays, it just seems to be the dog to own. I babysat my friends pug the other day and got more reaction than I've ever gotten with any other dog! 

Old style prints
But then again, who can resist? I love old style prints. Old movies, old icons... Hell, Marilyn Manroe seems to have been in fashion since she was alive. It's very rare that you walk into an interior decorating shop and there isn't at least a clock that has her face on it. Anyway, my favourites at the moment are characters from Bambi. The colours of the prints work really well with fashion. 

I've never been a fan of clothes with Mickey Mouse on them, but they are in at the moment... 

The Best Disney Clothes Ever!
Doesn't someone want to buy me this one? ^^;;;

This+Bambi+Collection+is+the+Cutest+Collaboration+Yet. Love this sweater!
I love all of these... They just look so warm and comfy!

"Forever 21 Disney Sweatshirts" by scarscar93 ❤ liked on Polyvore
Trends up and coming

Something that has only just started to show itself as a trend (at least here in South Africa) are ear cuffs. I absolutely love them... My friend Bela and I recently bought some each from Factorie. They were quite pricey but really cute. I'm going to start importing some, I think they're an awesome fashion accessory :D
An example of the stock at Factorie,
not the one I bought though!
I absolutely love this! I want to start making these
Bela and me
So there are my ideas on trends and such, I hope you enjoyed this post... If you did, please

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