Sunday, 5 October 2014

Awesome T-shirt Tutorials

Is your t-shirt looking t-sh1t?! (Sorry, that idea came from a typo in the title of this post and I couldn't help but share it with you, I laughed a bit too hard)

I've been admiring t-shirt DIY ideas for months now... And I've been collecting them up for a blog post. There is obviously no reason to share them in winter, as unless you live in Durban, you won't be rocking these in the cold. So here they all are! I've tried two of them so far, and they came out awesome. I hope you enjoy them too ^.^

Okay so this first idea isn't all that innovative... In fact it's super simple! But it's the simplicity that I love :D
Do it yourself crop top! @SWELL

Ooh wow, this is something I HAVE to try. My fiance has a whole lot of old shirts that he's left me to play with, so I think I'll do something like this with at least one! These are amazing for wearing over a bikini on the beach.


This top is a very similar idea...
Here is a tutorial I've actually tried. It looks a lot better with a tight fitting shirt, as it really does accentuate the detail. Also, I think that these look a lot prettier with a strappy top rather, showing some flesh really seems to work with this look. 

This next one is a tutorial that I'd love to try, but unfortunately I don't think it'd look too good on me. My neck tends to look strange when my clothes sit too high up! Still a gorgeous idea though.

Gucci-Inspired Neck Cutout Top
Wow! Now this one is something beautiful. When I make this, I'm going to use one of Brandt's old black shirts and bleach it at the ends. 

Tee Turned Strapless Dress
 Now, for one of the cheapest and easiest ways to decorate a shirt. I absolutely LOVE this, I did it with a few shirts and they didn't all come out perfectly, but there's one that I really do like, which I have featured HERE

You can use a bleach pen (like the first two photos below), but these can be very pricey. If you can afford it then great! But otherwise I just use the back end of a paint brush (the wooden part) and dip it in bleach. Just make sure that you're always careful when working with bleach, it can be dangerous

try with bleach pen

Some common techniques for bleaching involve dip dying and spraying the bleach over a template. 

Spraying bleach over a template... Oh how I love
I love this idea for tights! Unfortunately I don't have the right body shape for wearing detail on my legs, but I would certainly do this as a detail on the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt!
bleach pen on leggings.
This is a stunning idea... But then again, I'm a little bit tie dye crazy! There are lots of beautiful ideas on the same site, so go have a look! 
tie dye 1 Tie Dye Away (27 photos)
I'll be very surprised if you haven't seen this idea yet! It is one for the more adventurous and patient, but I think that it's absolutely brilliant. No one wants to let go of their favourite shirt, so why not make it into something else? I'm busy collecting old shirts of Brandt's that he can't wear anymore and I plan on doing this quilt as a pressie at some stage.

T Shirt Quilt

Old T-Shirt Quilt

Can't I just have every shirt of mine look like this?!

I don't think I like the whole back being done like that but maybe just a little at the top?

Oooh how I adore this...
Amazing Cut Out T-shirt - DIY

Well, there it is! A couple of really cool shirt DIYs. I hope you enjoyed this list, make sure you show me if you end up making any of these :) 

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