Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The most creative pin cushions

So, I recently wrote a post and got super inspired by ideas for pin cushions. I'm super surprised by how few sewers have actually made their own pincushions! It's a project that'll only take you an hour or so, and there are so many options. To show you this, I decided to compile a whole lot of amazing ones that have inspired me. Some are sadly only for sale, but aren't hard to figure out! The rest have amazing tutorials. Enjoy!



Foxy Pincushion Wristlet

Felted Puffer Fish Pin-Cushion

DIY Hedgehog Pincushion: Cute, Easy and Cheap | The Humble Nest

Old Salt Shaker Jar Lid...re-purposed into a sweet pincushion using bits of old lace & stained muslin!  Could pin a small vintage brooch on the front for added charm.

You'll love this if you're a fan of "Up" :)

Fun project! House Pincushion with template and how to with image transfer mod podge - via Radmegan

diy pear pin cushion might be a good decoration for the girl's very hungry caterpillar party!

Green and Brown Embroidered Kiwi Fruit Felt Pincushion

Eyeballs, anyone?

pincushion, doll,  eye made with fabric and felt

♡ This pin cushion !♡
I need to learn how to fluff up felt- it's such a beautiful craft that I just haven't attempted yet!

That's Woolly Something: woolly sheep pin cushion

This one looks like a lot of work... It's the kind of thing I'd spend an evening doing, but I'd have to be sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine or I may get bored!

I thought I'd save my favourite for last- although I suppose I can't really say that anything is my favourite. These are all so awesome- but this one is definitely beautiful! 

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