Saturday, 25 October 2014

Thread Sketching

Have you heard of thread sketching yet? If not, this is something that's going to blow you away. When I first saw it HERE, I was completely blown away. And I thought it'd be super hard. Thankfully, it turned out to be surprisingly easy! I've compiled a list of tips for starting out, enjoy!

Sketch the artwork out with a liner first, so that you have something to work over

Believe me, you're going to want to do this! I thought I'd just go ahead and start with the sewing machine because I'm very practiced at free hand sketching, but I made a big mistake! It's completely different (obviously), I just apparently didn't have the brain power to understand that :P

Start with simple shapes, and work over them when you are a bit more confident

ORIGINAL fiber drawing...bird series by mummysam on Etsy, $30.00

Use different colours and really just enjoy yourself. If it goes wrong, who cares? 

With embroidery thread accents

Mix and match thread sketching with applique ...or any other technique for that matter

sew sketch pears

drawing with thread

Thread Sketching

When you're feeling confident enough, sketch things that you're really interested in. 

That way, you're less likely to get bored and move on to another project. I find this with a lot of things- I try to stick to how people say things must be done in tutorials and I end up getting bored. Rather choose your own subject and stick to it. This way it's unique and you're more likely to keep trying if you happen to make a mess. 

Thread sketch.

Don't be scared to experiment

You don't have to stick to using just a sewing machine or sewing by hand. Try mixing it up, for more intricate bits and pieces use hand stitching. That way you have more control over how it comes out. 

Machine thread painting and fabric applique, illustrating my very favorite quote from "Alice in Wonderland".

Just a few extras that I couldn't bear to leave out...

Beautiful Strings  The intricate style of textile artist Debby Smith is truly a pleasure to take notice of.

Thread sketches by Andrea Farina.

Thread drawing. Awesome for a baby nursery. Who's the artist, I wonder?

Original thread drawing portrait Esquire magazine serie

Sewing machine sketch - Pip Pittman

Drawing with thread - Free motion machine embroidery

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  1. Oh this is incredible! So much inspiration my mind is going in circles.
    With a 'darning foot' this is going to be glorious (you need to sing that last
    Thanks a zillion for this! I must try it straight away!