Thursday, 20 November 2014

Let's talk fabric: Take two

So I have just discovered the worlds COOLEST online fabric shop. Check it out

I am obsessed. I think that in another life I would have been a fabric designer, and I would have designed all of this stuff! This is just one of my usual list posts...the ones I so love to make!

Woodland friends!!!

This is an absolutely brilliant design. What you do is that you take the fabric, cut it out and stuff them! 
Here's what you get...

Seriously? I have to have this in my life. It's just so brilliant!

Yes, yes... I've jumped on board with the pug trend. I'm officially addicted.

Some more masterpieces from the same range...

Michael Miller is a very talented man....

And his work is so diverse!

The awesome thing about this website is the amazing range. From woodland animals to Star Wars...

And finally, one artist whose style I'm not usually drawn to, but in the following fabric it's absolutely gorgeous. The colours are fantastic!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

2014 Christmas List...

Christmas List 2014

Christmas, in my opinion, is far more painful than any holiday really should be. I am not particularly religious at all, so for me Christmas is more about seeing family etc. So I decided to compile a Christmas list early, as one of the more painful parts of Christmas is trying to find everybody a present! 

A sewing cutting mat

This would make my life so much easier, especially if accompanied by a rotary cutter!

Nice sewing scissors that actually work

....please just.... please...

Plastic containers for storage

My brother bought me a small storage container for my birthday thinking it was a lame gift, but it is actually just what I need. I have so much... erm, silliness in my life and absolutely no way of organizing it.

A rotary fabric cutter

These look super cool- I've always wanted to try them out. All they need is replacement blades for when they get blunt, and this would help a lot when cutting out simple squares of fabric! (It would be nice to cut straight for a change :P)

A metal ruler

To accompany the cutting mat and rotary cutter

Fabric transfer paper

I've been wanting to buy this for a while so that I can make my own labels as they are *so* expensive to buy. So please, if anyone wants to make me a very happy person :P

A bread knife!

Yes, I know... "Why don't you just go and buy one?" Because they cost about the same as my groceries. For a decent one at least.

An apple de-corer

I am a lot more lazy than I seem to be. Seriously, I would eat a hell of a lot more apples than I do now if I had a de-corer. Cores are such a mission. I often find myself walking to the fridge, picking up an apple and putting it back just because I don't feel like dealing with the core!

A garlic crusher

Ditto for the bread knife...

A screen printing screen

This is something that I'll probably get around to making myself at some point, I just need to find the time and... well, put in the effort :P But if someone else could, perhaps follow this tutorial....

Picture of Gather your supplies!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Happy World Vegan Day!

Okay, so I'm not vegan myself. I've been yoyo-ing back and forth with my diet for ages, and really do want to go as far as becoming a vegan at some stage. A lot of people tend to be very confused about the different types of diets surrounding veganism/vegetarianism, so I decided to (along with some really cool vegan and vegetarian substitutes) explain just what the different types are.

Firstly, I'm a pescetarian. This is not vegetarianism, but some people seem to say that it is because they believe that fish don't feel anything or something like that. I personally do not consider it to be vegetarian simply because fish are being and me eating them means that I'm eating something living. Simple. 

Then you have vegetarianism, which on it's own is just not eating meat. This usually includes anything like gelatin because it is still a part of the animal, so no jelly! Now there are lots of different types of vegetarianism, which aren't necessarily important, so I will only discuss them later on in this post, as I want to talk about veganism first. 

Vegetarian Recipes

Best dressed award: 

Vegan diets are the most extreme of them all- no animal by-products at all. So no honey, no dairy, no nothing. I really admire those who are able to stick to such a diet. I have tried it before but I end up seriously struggling with my iron levels. Sadly, at this point in my life I actually don't have the time to eat like that. And I find that a lot of vegan ingredients are quite expensive (things like tahini, quinoa and coconut oil- although if you buy them once they last forever, I just can't afford to buy them once even!). And the problem is, vegan meals aren't very interesting unless you use all of these different things. Which in a way is very good, it teaches you how to cook wholesome food creatively. 

Vegan Recipes

Vegan guacamole potato skins. Crispy potato skins topped with an incredibly flavorful, slightly smoky guacamole. Perfect for tailgating!


Vegan Hash Browns

Now, for the different types of vegetarianism. I didn't know all of these myself until I came across them while looking for vegan meal ideas, but now that I've found them I might as well share them with you.

So, there's lacto vegetarianism and lacto-ovo vegetarianism. Lacto vegetarianism involves dairy, but not things that contain animal rennet, which involves things like eggs. On the other hand, lacto-ovo's eat all eggs and dairy. Ovo = eggs. Easy.  Got it? Good. You also, finally, have a fruitarian diet which is rather self explanatory- it's a diet that consists mainly of raw fruit. That actually sounds delicious!