Saturday, 8 November 2014

2014 Christmas List...

Christmas List 2014

Christmas, in my opinion, is far more painful than any holiday really should be. I am not particularly religious at all, so for me Christmas is more about seeing family etc. So I decided to compile a Christmas list early, as one of the more painful parts of Christmas is trying to find everybody a present! 

A sewing cutting mat

This would make my life so much easier, especially if accompanied by a rotary cutter!

Nice sewing scissors that actually work

....please just.... please...

Plastic containers for storage

My brother bought me a small storage container for my birthday thinking it was a lame gift, but it is actually just what I need. I have so much... erm, silliness in my life and absolutely no way of organizing it.

A rotary fabric cutter

These look super cool- I've always wanted to try them out. All they need is replacement blades for when they get blunt, and this would help a lot when cutting out simple squares of fabric! (It would be nice to cut straight for a change :P)

A metal ruler

To accompany the cutting mat and rotary cutter

Fabric transfer paper

I've been wanting to buy this for a while so that I can make my own labels as they are *so* expensive to buy. So please, if anyone wants to make me a very happy person :P

A bread knife!

Yes, I know... "Why don't you just go and buy one?" Because they cost about the same as my groceries. For a decent one at least.

An apple de-corer

I am a lot more lazy than I seem to be. Seriously, I would eat a hell of a lot more apples than I do now if I had a de-corer. Cores are such a mission. I often find myself walking to the fridge, picking up an apple and putting it back just because I don't feel like dealing with the core!

A garlic crusher

Ditto for the bread knife...

A screen printing screen

This is something that I'll probably get around to making myself at some point, I just need to find the time and... well, put in the effort :P But if someone else could, perhaps follow this tutorial....

Picture of Gather your supplies!

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