Saturday, 21 March 2015

Some beautiful examples of Applique

Applique is very much an obsession of mine at the moment. I first started being interested in it sometime last year, but since doing some of it recently at my internship, I'm super inspired all over again. So I decided to compile a list of inspiration for the day! And here it is...

I'm a complete sucker for an applique bird. I really like these because they are so different from your average applique birds.  

aceo - birds in lines - teal - original mixed media artwork

This is a really great tutorial for turning photos into applique. It's definitely worth a look. 

applique art little button diaries 19

Just for a few moments, I'm going to drag you down kitty cat lane....

... to some catplique :D

Cat quilt, class photo posted by Smaranda Bourgery, Beauce-Arts Textiles (France). I have this pattern but it's in French so it'll take me a bit of time to work out :).

Bolso / Tote Bag -inspiration photo | from Flickr

This wouldn't be a crafty fox post without a fox...

Snoozy fox cushion,  snoozy fox pillow.

I thought I'd leave my favorite for last. This just has so much love and effort put into it...

Hand made appliqued pillow, of a hare on a velvet, tweed and green background. A unique item individually designed. Very chic country style....

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