Monday, 18 May 2015

What do a cup of tea, a song about death and a sad blog post have in common?

What do a cup of tea, a song about death and a sad blog post have in common? 

The answer: A girl whose hamster is dyyyying :( He had a funny eye last night and I thought, "no problem, I'll get him eye drops from the vet tomorrow", and then this morning he just... isn't. He isn't dead or anything...


He's just kinda lying there slowly fading. I was considering taking him to the vet to have them put him down but quite honestly the trauma of getting him there would probably do the job. So I put a chunk of cucumber (his favourite) next to him and now he's just... lying there sort of breathing.

I kind of want to poke him with a stick and be like


buuuut it seems unfair to irritate him when he doesn't have the energy to bite me like he so loves to do.

Sigh, looking back on his life, he had a good one.

The way he used to love playing D&D... (or eating the dice at least)

That time he wore the little hat I crocheted for him.. (for about a second or two before he tried to eat that, too)

All those times I lost limbs to him...

It's been a good ride, little one :( 
RIP, Tyrian Hamister 
*Sheds a tear*

(I know that I should be shot for crimes against Photoshop, but I'm grieving so it's excused :P)

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