Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Flight to America

Being someone who has never been overseas before, I was pretty impressed by the fact that I didn't leave anything behind! I think I packed pretty perfectly, and I'll add my list to this blog at some stage:) 

Yes, my hamster is on the bed! I missed him desperately. The first interaction I had with him when he returned was him biting me, but it was wonderful. I missed his warmth and fluff :D 

Okay so this is our plane... I was excited, okay?!

We had a meal at Dulce before we boarded. This was the last time I had a salad until 2 nights ago. I have been SO DEPRIVED. I admit that I may be a little bit of a health addict. I had about two portions of fries when we were away and I regret EVERYTHING. Unfortunately healthy food IS expensive in the USA, but I'd rather come back 4kg lighter (hello, that's me!) than 4kg fatter, than you very much. 

So... I am a little disappointed in Emirates food. It was fine on the first flight because Emirates was magical (more of this later), but after a while I grew incredibly tired of carbs and grossness! Please, not all of us can digest such heavy food. When I got my breakfast this morning, I just had the fruit salad and a tiny bit of scrambled egg (even though I've had so much egg that it makes me nauseous now). If you're a vegetarian who can't handle THAT MUCH F%&@ING egg and milk, consider the vegan option. I don't know what the vegan meals really entail, but anything that doesn't give me stomach problems on a 14 hour flight sounds great!

As a linguistic junkie, seeing new languages across the world is really cool. I loved hearing people speak Spanish (among other languages) in America, and this sign was the first I saw of such things. 

Just a photo of NYC. I love people and taking photos of people, they make incredible paintings!

This is the first selfie Brandt and I took in the USA. Yes, it's ugly! We had arrived in the country at around 5pm and slept through the night until about 5am (I think that is when this photo was taken). I didn't experience any jet lag going into the country thankfully, and I think it's because our flights were back to back and arrived during the late afternoon in America. I slept and I was fine. I snoozed on the second flight, but only a bit. Not bad at all! 

Yes, it's a selfie with a fire escape! We don't have these things in South Africa, okay?! :P 

So, I love taking photos of my man, He's so cool. I love him so much. So... here's one of him. :D

I am so impressed with the public transport in New York. It is perfect. I've had no problems.

Before we left, we were attacked with some complaints of the subway. 
"It's smelly"
"It's dirty"

Ohhhhh bull shit. You come from South Africa. The subway was INCREDIBLE. I wish we had decent public transport. 

One of my big goals for when I have kids is that they live in a place where they can get around on their own. I was a very adventurous, independent child, and I had a lot of trouble because it's really not safe to go anywhere alone in SA. I refuse to have children unless I know that they are free to explore and learn, and going to the USA really opened my eyes with regards to this.

(When did I get to the age when I started seriously considering children?!) 

Wow, I wish our Snapple came in diet varieties and wasn't so expensive. I've found that I'm a Snapple person, it's absolutely delicious. Brandt went to town on the Mountain Dew! I think he tried every variety. Mountain Dew Voltage was incredible. I had a sip and decided that I needed to stop drinking because it gave me an instant AMAZING RUSH! 

So, here comes the end of our first day. I'll post our second day soon! 

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