Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Awesome Free Crochet Patterns

So, my mom has recently been trying to get back into crochet. I person SUCK at it. I have no idea why... Knitting comes naturally, sewing comes semi-naturally, but crochet? Nope.

So mom, this blog post is for you. It is basically:
1. Pushing you to fully get back into crochet because it's awesome
2. A MASSIVE hint of things I've been trying to make myself but have just failed at. You better start knitting, Christmas is coming :P
3. An archive of really cute crochet things that I'd like to make myself at some stage (such as Snoopys for you!)

Let's start with some beanies...

Crochet a fox hat


Baby stuff
Although baby stuff is nooot very relevant at this stage, these look cute and quick to make

the red thread rag rope crochet baskets



Link to the above
(For some reason, the link won't attach to the photo)

Let's get nerdy...
the golden snitch free harry potter crochet pattern
I think I may try and make something like this. The only part of crochet
I know how to do is round stuff!

That's no moon - Pops de Milk #starwars #crochet #deathstar
I suppose this pattern could be adapted to be all the other planets too!


Free Adult Yoda Hat Crochet Pattern!!! FINALLY FOUND THIS FREE PATTERN!

Sheldon and Amy are the best. couple. ever. 

Little animals...
When I finally become capable to doing some decent crochet, I am going to make all of these. Especially the Snoopys!

Щенок Далматинец - амигуруми



GRATIS Eekhoorntje haakpatroon (pdf-bestand)

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