Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Back to NYC: Part 1

By the time we were back in New York, we'd already been travelling for two whole weeks, and had been getting very little sleep. At this point, photos of us gradually became uglier and uglier because we were just so tired! The one below is a good example. 

This photo sparks a memory of one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life: The ice cream vending machine at International House, NYC. 

This ice cream machine used a vacuum to pick up the products! I know this probably isn't particularly exciting for anyone else in this world but me, but I was completely taken aback. I found a youtube video of a similar one. 
On our first day back, we decided to go to 30 Rockefeller, or rather Rockefeller Center. Brandt and I are both extreme 30 Rock fans, and Tina Fey is one of my role models and heroes. We wanted to go on a 30 Rock studio tour (like the ones in the show, led by Kenneth Parcell) but apparently the studio tours have been "under construction" for so f-ing long and we weren't able to go for one. 

We went to the Lego store at 30 Rock because if anyone isn't yet aware of this, Brandt turns into a child around Lego. We were a bit disappointed with the store because it wasn't anything extraordinary. It was kinda cool to wander through but there weren't any rare or strange pieces, and there were far too many children (which we should have expected).
This face demonstrates just how exhausted we were by this point. The statue behind Brandt appears in the opening sequence of 30 Rock.
We splurged a little on lunch on this day, both being disappointed at not being able to go on the studio tour. Brandt had a Bento box which he still talks about to this day, and I had maki and a calamari salad.

This photo was actually taken at the beginning of the day, before the disappointment! I squeaked with excitement when I saw the NBC sign.

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