Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Back to NYC: Part 2, My Birthday

So, this past birthday is going to be a hard one to beat. I'm half desperate to spend every birthday I have until the day I die in a different part of the world. In the morning, we took the subway and found ourselves in China Town. We'd gone to China Town in Washington too, but there's nothing like NYC. It was such a shock because this side of town was completely different from anything else in the city, and there was just so much to see in so little time!
I couldn't get over how strange it was to find jade penises for sale in the shops. I thought of buying one but then I thought, "and then what am I going to do with it?!" and decided against it. I just thought they were so arb. It'd be hilarious to have one in my living room just to see whether people notice it or not. I'd place it somewhere behind where I'd sit in the room so I could monitor my guests' awkward, unsettled glances. 
On our way home, we ran into two little girls selling lemonade and it was delicious. I was so happy to have a typical lemonade stand experience!
I wish that I could have looked a little bit less exhausted!
Here's a sexy couple in the lounge at International House. I wasn't a huge fan of International House at all, I thought it was dirty and a little bit odd, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. 
Coming back to South Africa, I miss the ability to go everywhere so quickly and safely. The subway was so well managed and a hell of a lot cleaner than what a friend of Brandt's said it was. 
We headed to Times Square to Hard Rock Cafe for my birthday dinner. The best fiance ever award goes to Brandt for this one! I had an extremely yummy veggie burger and beer. 

After we went to Hard Rock Cafe, we headed to Brooklyn which was an AMAZING experience. I was so surprised by how different the culture was to that in NYC itself, there was just a completely different vibe. We went to a place called Barcade, which was really awesome because it was literally a bar with old arcade games in it.

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