Thursday, 7 January 2016

USA 2015 Travel Diaries: Part 4, Tampa Tantrum

So, I soon discovered that Tampa is the smelly butt of America. I couldn’t believe it, what an incredibly awful experience.
Let me start with the people… Inside of Walmart lurk the trolls, and outside… Post-apocalyptic Durban. Zombies. Surprisingly white walkers (despite the sun).
On the first day we spent in Tampa, Brandt and I decided to take a walk to see the Walmart. We walked for a while past the university and past the veteran thingie, and just could not find it! Turns out we were only off by a few roads, and eventually found a very big Target and a Walmart. Honestly, Walmart isn’t as exciting as you’d think. You can’t buy anything there, you’d probably have more luck at Target. But it was such an experience!
The nice thing about where we stayed in Tampa was that it had a gym. It was a seriously fancy hotel, but the staff still creeped me out! I get a weird vibe thinking back on the place, even though it was so nice. The only thing was that the food was awful... corn syrup in the fruit salad kind of awful. Eeeeuw.
 Walmart had all the huge sizes, which I thought was hilarious. I got such a kick out of putting all the huge clothes up against my (then) medium body
 There was an afternoon where we seriously didn't do too much. Brandt bought each of us a set of Pokémon cards and he taught me how to play... And that's how my love of Pokémon cards began :3 This night was also the only one on which I got tipsy. Brandt spent the evening chatting to his dad in the suite next door, and I spent the evening DMCing with Brandt's brother and drinking really crappy wine. I couldn't believe how bad the wine in America is, regardless of how much you spend!
 I dyed my hair blue/green :D
 I was almost certain that this photo is one that I took. I saw this magnet in the shop and it looks exactly like my dog, Chloe. I always take photos of her from this angle!
 We did a lot of messing around in Tampa.
This was at a huge Asian supermarket we found. There was so much to see! I bought myself some soya sauce and pickled ginger because I was missing it so much. I really didn't like the way that the shop treated their fresh fish, though. I couldn't believe the shitty conditions- fish packed so tight in a tank that their fins stuck out of the water... Disgusting.
 This was the day of July the 4th. Brandt and I headed home shortly after this photo was taken because we were so worried about the weather. There was a massive storm and lots of fireworks over Busch Gardens that we watched from our bed in our suite. It was nice to be inside for them because we were both so tired.
 I don't know what Brandt was doing in this photo, but this is in the corridor outside of our suite.
 A section of the arms aisle at Walmart.
This photo was taken while we were waiting for our Uber taxi to fetch us and take us to the Aquarium. The aquarium was the only thing I enjoyed about Tampa. I was really disappointed because all I wanted to do was go to the Dali museum, which I've been wanting to go to since I was a young teenager. Buuuuut Tampa. 

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